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Comparing this …

… to this is darkly illuminating at a number of levels. Turns out the Gernsback Continuum really is continuous.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Technology reflects the values of its host civilization. Its arrangement is more important than the technologies themselves. Thus, healthy civilizations produce technological marvels that are not destructive, and unhealthy civilizations extend their dystopias into the realm of technology as well as social, economic, political, moral and existential zones.


    Ryan C Reply:

    So. You’re saying decisions are made when investing?


    wu-wei Reply:

    Its the difference between Wall Street versus Gosplan. Or for the twenty-first century, perhaps Detroit versus Hong Kong.


    TheDividualist Reply:

    It amplifies the values, not merely reflects them, this is why we find people blaming technology. When someone is oblivious to the signs of societal decay in their unamplified form, but notices them in their tech-amplified form, he blames tech.

    As a good example, we can pick up all kinds of signs of sexual wretchedness when just going to a bar, but Tinder amplifies it so much that it is hard to ignore it at that point. Hence some people think Tinder is a particularly pervy app or something along those lines.


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  • RamblingWonder Says:

    The goal is to turn the world into a Terence Malick movie. Or a Ralph Lauren commercial with some future tech sprinkled about.

    I wonder if higher IQ people are also better looking on average.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    ▬ “This brief research note aims to estimate the magnitude of the association between general intelligence and physical attractiveness with large nationally representative samples from two nations. In the United Kingdom, attractive children are more intelligent by 12.4 IQ points (r= .381), whereas in the United States, the correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness is somewhat smaller (r= .126). The association between intelligence and physical attractiveness is stronger among men than among women in both nations. The association remains significant net of a large number of control variables for social class, body size, and health. [End of abstract.]
    Scientists have long suspected that intelligence and physical attractiveness may be positively correlated across individuals (Berscheid & Walster, 1974, p. 195; Vandenberg, 1972, p. 153). For example, Buss (1985, p. 49) speculates, “If females generally prefer intelligent males because they typically have higher incomes and status, and if most males prefer physically attractive females, then over time these two characteristics will tend to covary.” Consistent with such views, meta-analyses (Jackson, Hunter & Hodge, 1995; Langlois et al., 2000) show that there is a small but significantly positive correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness. Zebrowitz et al.’s (2002) analysis of the Intergenerational Studies of Development and Aging data shows that the correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness throughout life course ranges from r=.11 to r=.26. In an earlier analysis of the National Child Development Study, Denny (2008, p. 618) concludes that “the relationship between intelligence and being attractive is generally positive.” However, to the best of my knowledge, the correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness has never been quantitatively established in a large, nationally representative sample. [Etc.]


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  • John Says:

    The mandate of heaven has shifted.


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  • Outliers (#22) Says:

    […] (relevant). Cuck LARP. Anti-dystopia, too sensible/pleasurable to believe. Alas, we must romance dystopia instead. Secede from the […]

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  • John Hannon Says:

    Perhaps the boldest vision of a future that never materialized was this –

    Plus it’s a good excuse to listen to the Parsifal and Rienzi overtures on a Sunday morning.


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  • oh_really Says:

    Even if Spencer is a bit of a fag, surely you don’t also look down upon the Science Autistes who broadly share his culture, like Alternative Hypothesis?


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  • michael Says:

    Spencer’s description conjures images I’ve seen somewhere, Oh yes now I remember its all those NRX blogs artwork. Now this dichotomy that the choice is some fascist future utopia devoid of nuance or diversity [in the non racial sense] or dystopian hellhole where have i heard that before? Oh yeah its the commie line. embrace the ghettoization cuz its for reals


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  • michael Says:

    “We know that our diversity, our patchwork heritage is not a weakness, it still and always will be one of our greatest strengths,” Obama said.


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  • Worm Says:

    from J.G. Ballard’s Crash

    (inspired by the Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination in extreme slow motion? reinventing the real as fiction because the real has disappeared?)

    “The mannequin rider sat well back, the onrushing air lifting his chin. His hands were shackled to the handlebars like a kamikaze pilot’s. His long thorax was plastered with metering devices. In front of him, their expressions equally vacant, the family of four manniquins sat in their vehicle.

    Their faces were marked with cryptic symbols. A harsh whipping noise came towards us, the sound of the metering coils skating across the grass beside the rail.

    There was a violent metal explosion as the motorcycle struck the front of the saloon car. The two vehicles veered sideways towards the line of startled spectators.

    I regained my balance, involuntarily holding Vaughan’s shoulder, as the motorcycle and its driver sailed over the bonnet of the car and struck the windshield, then careened across the roof in a black mass of fragments.

    The car plunged ten feet back on its hawsers. It came to rest astride the rails.

    The bonnet, windshield and roof had been crushed by the impact. Inside the cabin, the lopsided family lurched across each other, the decapitated torso of the front-seat woman passenger embedded in the fractured windshield.

    The engineers waved to the crowd reassuringly and moved towards the motorcycle, which lay in its side fifty yards behind the car.

    They began to pick up the sections of the cyclist’s body, tucking the legs and head under their arms. Shavings of fiberglass from its face and shoulders speckled the glass around the test car like silver snow, a death confetti.…

    Helen Remington held my arm. She smiled at me, nodding encouragingly as if urging a child across some mental hurdle.

    ‘We can have a look at it again on the Ampex.

    They’re showing it in slow-motion. “


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  • Mariani Says:

    Wait, that’s not a real quote, is it?


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  • Worm Says:

    @ Mariani

    It’s a real quote.

    I don’t have the book in front of me, but according to my notes, the excerpt above can be found in J.G. Ballard’s Crash, near the end of Chapter 13.


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  • Worm Says:

    “The Warren Commission’s Report is a remarkable document, especially if considered as a work of fiction (which many experts deem it largely to be). The chapters covering the exact geometric relationships between the cardboard boxes on the seventh floor of the Book Depository (a tour de force in the style of Robbe-Grillet), the bullet trajectories and speed of the Presidential limo, and the bizarre chapter titles – ‘The Subsequent Bullet That Hit,’ ‘The Curtain Rod Story,’ ‘The Long and Bulky Package’ – together suggest a type of obsessional fiction that links science and pornography.”

    Ballard, 1994 annotations to ‘The University of Death’, The Atrocity Exhibition (1970).


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    This is the sort of stuff that one reads the comments here for.

    (Among some other types of stoff.)


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  • Jesse M. Says:

    I’m not sure the Gernsback continuum would care much for forests or wheat fields; Spencer’s vision sounds more like The Draka. Some holographic snapshots of the Draka timeline as seen by a man from our world:

    “Paris. No Eiffel Tower, although Napoleon’s Arc de Triomphe still stood. The air was crystal. From overhead, he could see that the mediaeval core remained, Notre Dame, the radial roadways laid out in Napoleon III’s time. None of the great sprawl of suburbs he knew; Versailles stood alone among its ordered gardens. Dense forest and open parkland stretched from the outskirts; occasionally a building would rise above them, usually roofed in green copper The roadways were grassy turf. Foot traffic was pedestrians, or small machines that floated soundlessly beneath their passengers. Aircraft moved through the air above, elongated teardrop shapes and blunt wedges moving without visible support; a colourful hot-air balloon drifted among them.

    ’The Serengeti, looking north-east’. A herd of hundreds of elephants, moving with slow, ponderous dignity through a landscape of lion-coloured grass and scattered flat-topped thorn trees. His eyes darted about; lions, giraffe, antelope, a dozen rhino. Snow-topped Kilimanjaro rose like an empress in the distance. Beyond it was something new, something alien: a great pillar stretching up into the sky until it turned into a curving thread, vanishing into the blue. ‘The Kenia beanstalk- think of it as a tower or a cable reaching from Low Earth Orbit to the surface’.

    “And this is the Valles Marineris, on Mars’. The sky was a faded blue, with a hint of pink. The view was on the edge of a reddish cliff, overlooking a vast expanse of deep-blue water five hundred feet or more below; miles distant across it the edge of another cliff showed. The waves were like none he had ever seen, taller and thinner in section than water could support” (in Earth’s three-times-greater gravity pull) “While he watched, a whale breached, soaring out of the sea until only its tail was under the surface. A blue whale, and huge. It crashed back with a mountainous spray of surf. The view tilted downward, showing a city dropping in terraces from the cliff-face. The buildings were white or soft pastels, built with domes and arches and pillared colonnades, connected with roadways of coloured stone or sweeping staircases. Gardens surrounded every building and lined the streets. Just below him stood a group of people. People like Gwen. He recognised a likeness in some of them. Racial? Tall, with a slender muscularity, light-eyed, their hair shades of blonde or red. Some of them wore tunics or robes, others only tight briefs. Those near-naked ones were being fitted with gossamer gliding wings on frameworks thinner than thread but steel-rigid. The helpers were of a subtly different type, shorter, trim and healthy but without the sinewy tigerish look of the first variety…The flyers exploded from their perch in a rainbow of colours. Condors glided along the cliff face, among the men and women.”


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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    “In an oligarchical regime, public opinion is always an effect rather than a cause. It still matters, but only in the sense that some effects cannot be caused. But the power of the machine is always increasing. Few in the Reagan era could have imagined that in the lives of their grown children, most Americans would come to regard gay marriage as an essential civil right. Why did this happen? Because the ruling class is sovereign not just politically, but also intellectually. What it believes, everyone comes to believe – and is horrified that previous generations somehow failed to believe…”

    Mencius Moldbug

    “[What communism and fascism] have in common is certainly *familiarity*. They have both been already partially absorbed by the popular mind, so that, in the intellectual sense, there is nothing “shocking” about them; and as they seem to be so easily absorbed by the popular mind, one suspects that they must have a good deal in common with what was in the popular mind already. They are both, in other words, perfectly *conventional* ideas.”

    T. S. Eliot

    Are NRx and the alt-right part of the plot of the oligarchs?


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  • The Gernsback Continuum - L'Editie Says:

    […] offered by the Alt-Right in a recent press conference– proving, as Nick Land recognized, that “the Gernsback Continuum really is continuous”; and that contemporary politics is utterly […]

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  • Worm Says:

    “After being bombarded endlessly by road-safety propaganda it was almost a relief to find myself in an actual accident….

    “Vaughan pushed his way through the visitors. In his right hand he carried a bundle of publicity folders and R.R.L. (Road Research Laboratory) handouts. He bent over Helen Remington’s shoulder as she looked up at him from her chair in the front row.

    ‘Have you seen Seagrave?’

    ‘Vera telephoned me about him this morning.’ He turned his attention to me, tapping the bundle of handouts in his grip. ‘Get all the paper you can, Ballard. Some of the stuff they give away – “Mechanisms of Occupant Ejection”, “Tolerances of the Human Face in Crash Impacts” … ‘

    As the last of the engineers stood back from the test car Vaughan nodded appreciatively, and commented sotto voce:

    “The technology of accident simulation at the R.R.L. is remarkably advanced. Using this set-up they could duplicate the Mansfield and Camus crashes – even Kennedy’s – indefinitely.”

    Helen Remington: ‘They’re trying to reduce the number of accidents here, not increase it.’

    Vaughn: ‘I suppose that’s a point of view.’

    (from J.G. Ballard’s Crash)


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  • Worm Says:

    Does the totally artificial, totally mediated landscape of Crash = Baudrillard’s hyperreal?

    “The flashing lances of afternoon light (deflected from the chromium panel) tore at my skin.

    The hard jazz of radiator grilles, the motion of cars moving towards London Airport along the sunlit oncoming lanes, the street furniture and route indicators —

    all these seemed threatening and super-real, as exciting as the accelerating pintables of a sinister amusement arcade released onto these highways.”

    (Crash, pg 49)


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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    As the self-reported Christians banally make fun of Mr. Land here, and by that act not imtating lord Jesus, I see that they advocate Distributionism.

    Let´s be real. There´s never been a free as in fair market. Look at J.P. Morgan´s tricks, or that of any ‘robber baron’. Organized crime ruining organized labour or beating it. The Anglo-Semitic Complex, working, as it were, against their own nations or their middle-classes. Not only unrestricted immigrations, but it even seems encouraged immigration chaos and takings-over of even the northernmost hearts of Europe.

    Whatever fuck up the Soviet Union was at least it somewhat maintained racial boundaries, and a glorious space race. And then a military-intelligence strongman appeared, schooled in KGB and how to ruin or construct societies, and of course he now goes for the eternal autarchic legacy and the 2.000 year old religion.

    Meanwhile our purple-haired foul mouthed women are pushing & pulling as they can to get impregnated by brown babies, with help from our own states; and to prepare a massacre of the last few remaining whites in their homelands when they´ve become such a minority of whites that they won´t be able to withstand an ethnic conflict as seen in Africa.

    Something in previous ages held these dhimmitude forces back.

    And Islam is pushing forth because it´s a vital and total! worldview that subordinates the merest and driest economy to a totalitarian idea.

    I ain´t saying we take up Distributionism.

    But I´m saying: Gnon´s histiry says we need a total system to fight another total system.

    At least we need to be elite and deploy a total system. A noble lie.

    Since we already, most of us, are baptised into the Jewish god through the Bible, I suggest a veritable europeanism (anglo, teuton, christian, jewish, latin), against the brown horde scourge of the scourge.
    (Of course the elite transcends the exoteric, as Strauss noted. Inside the Ottoman Empire, those followers of Zevi who had converted to Islam but who secretly continued Jewish observances and Brit Mila became known as the Dönme (Turkish: dönme “convert”)).

    Looking at this matter will take many posts, and not wanting to clutter the comments here, I invite Dick Wagner and anyone to correspond with me at one of my blogs, or set up their own blog.

    Call it Anarcho-Capitalist Leninism, or Maoist Libertarianism, or a synthesis of Dugin and Land. Simply, Dugin minus the anti-Capitalism & anti-West sentiment.

    As if Dugin were the advisor to NATO, not to Putin.

    As if Evola had subordinated Mussolini.

    As if Hitler had done LSD & E.

    & a Cyber-Crowley.



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