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Twitter’s ‘improvements’ have made it hard to reproduce tweet-storms, but this one is really worth your time:

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  • Dedicating Ruckus Says:

    Seems like good sense overall.

    The most troublesome elements within the incoherent “alt-right” big tent do seem to be the extreme white nationalists, who perhaps also concentrate the 1488er tendencies. I think many of these are of an older strain, coming in through the existing explicitly neo-Nazi political organizations, as opposed to many alt-right or neoreactionaries who began in the 2010s. Seeing the recent great rise in the alt-right’s prominence, they attempt to claim authority via seniority; but unfortunately for them, there is a reason why the recent populist reaction against progressivism didn’t coalesce around those organizations in the first place, and it’s because they’re weird and toxic in ways entirely separate from their rejection of equalist narratives.

    In the long run, the greatest value they can have to the Right is probably just as temporary and contingent political allies. (Individuals who may move between the different factions notwithstanding.) Vox Day’s “alt-white” versus “alt-West” taxonomy may be relevant here. They’ve already shown a tendency to waste effort trying to police the alt-right as a whole for ideological purity; if that continues, perhaps they’ll marginalize themselves and drive the saner members out to other rightist orgs. This may be the best-case scenario as regards them.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    ^ Excellent.


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  • frank Says:

    The conflict arises from the wishful thinking that America will remain a single polity.

    Give them their jew-free whiteopia patch. If you insist that jews must be allowed everywhere, you sound malicious.

    If they insist that America be uniformly jew & brown-free, they’ll end up with the exact opposite of what they set out to achieve. I hope they have enough sense to understand this.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    another option is to make a website and just tweet to that . blogger is free


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  • VKR Says:

    Ah another “jews dindu nuffins” argument.

    Both blacks and jews want to live among whites. Whites do not want to live among blacks or jews. Nothing more needs to be said on who’s a parasite on who.


    admin Reply:

    Speak for yourself (and your ilk). I want to live among smart, civilized, competent people who aren’t pushing communism.


    VKR Reply:

    So according to you group evolutionary competition and Culture of Critique don’t real.

    Those “civilized” people are responsible for the Russian Revolution and all the millions murdered during the Soviet regime. You might also want to give a read to Churchill’s War by Irving to better understand jewish role in WW2. That was also a very civilized enterprise.


    Erebus Reply:

    What do you mean by “real”? The book exists. It’s a real book. But it’s a book of anecdotes and observations. It is not hard science. (As discussed earlier this month on this site, Chaos Patch 125.) Did it make a single testable hypothesis?

    We can’t criticize shit-tier “social science” on the one hand, and on the other hand accept “A Culture of Critique” as a brilliant work of unvarnished truth. At least the social scientists attempt to run experiments, perform statistical analyses, etc…

    Aeroguy Reply:

    Out of curiosity, what’s your stance on the minority of Jews who fought in the white army and are anti-communists? Would you also work to remove whites with abolitionist ancestors?

    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    the main problem with virulent anti-Semites is that they make the logical error of thinking that: everyone of Jewish ancestry = anti-aryan organized Jewry.

    that´s what an idée fixe gets you. you may be creative and function in other areas of life, but you have this stuck idea. it´s common in human history.

    not even Hitler thought that anyone of Jewish ancestry equals anti-aryan organized Jewry.

    michael Reply:

    dont waste your breath he thinks hes going to start his own race.

    michael Reply:

    Multi culturalism is marxism


    Axel Mckibbin Reply:

    “Speak for yourself (and your ilk). I want to live among smart, civilized, competent people who aren’t pushing communism.”

    Agreed. And some of us don’t want to live around NAZI’s either. I would prefer a race-neutral felon free city state for INTJ’s and other people in the same cognitive range.


    admin Reply:

    “No enemies to the right side of the bell-curve” isn’t a flawless formulation, but it’s a useful corrective to mob resentment.

    Mark Reply:

    HK is but a job interview away. 🙂

    michael Reply:

    so now anyone concluding that multiculturalism is hopeless is a nazi?Maybe this is why alt right separated from NRX and took a harder line.what exactly then is the difference from NRX and and NRO, a scifi fetish?

    Mild Troll Reply:

    I don’t see how alt-right takes a “harder” line. IQ is a much more severe filter than race, which only approximates it, and even then only if you decide to filter races based on IQ consistently, which is NOT what the alt-right is doing.

    If anything, it seems to me like NRx could in a sense criticize the alt-right for not being nationalist enough. There’s a great deal of implicit “white globalism” in the alt-right. White nationalism as a whole is a very American idea, and they want to impress it upon Europeans, with guys like Spencer opposing Brexit on the grounds that the EU should be turned into a White Empire. Even Hitler wasn’t a white nationalist; he was an Aryan nationalist. No slavs want to repudiate their own heritage so they can join a bunch of germaboo yanks in worldwide solidarity to their pale skin.

    Recently, in the same vein, 8chan’s /pol/ board started mass banning posters in the brit/pol/ threads for the crime of offending the Germans by not repudiating their own heroes of WWII, and for the crime of not wanting white polish people to enter their country. /pol/, TRS, DailyStormer, and the frogtwitter brigrade are ever on the look out for what they call D&C; signs that someone is seceding from whiteness to a more historically authentic identity.

    admin Reply:

    All the errors of universal human brotherhood, but scaled back by just one notch. No surprise that they’re all socialists, when you scratch the surface.

    Fax Fay Faz Reply:

    The only major political figure in the past century I can think of who was obviously intj was . . . Reinhard heydrich. Your city-state might not be what you hoped for.

    michael Reply:

    well if you find any smart civilized competent people not pushing communism let us know, you might want to try outside the PRC though


    admin Reply:

    China is a good place to look, actually.

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Yes those pesky practical people who are winning never mind the mass of peasants they may well lead are so troublesome.

    How do we use them to discard later? >> start by not discussing that on the Internet.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    The point seems to me to be this: diversity is toxic and destroys your genetics, thus your nation.

    Therefore: zero diversity, period.

    As far as not wanting a race war or civil war, I agree, and hope he’s right that we can get by without one.

    What I want to avoid is racial vengeance killings, Holocausts and other nasty stuff that will sidetrack us from the actual goal and create circumstances we will regret.


    Ur-mail Reply:

    I think the point wasn’t necessarily that diversity is always bad. From what we know about HBD and population genetics some degree of diversity is actually desirable and necessary to increase the probability of beneficial mutations. It’s rather that diversity also isn’t always good, because of dysgenics.

    Therefore: Tightly controlled diversity to avoid dysgenics


    nnms Reply:

    >From what we know about… population genetics

    Who’s “we”? You seem to know jack shit about population genetics.


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  • Nicean Necropolitical Says:

    we have to distinguish between humans and orcs. many of the trolls are orcs.


    Aristocles Invictvs Reply:

    read: lumpenprole


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  • Emunah Says:

    OK, as a Jewish person who is ultra-conservative, here are my two cents: antisemitism in alt-right is very likely to alienate the Jewish ultra-conservative minority.

    It’s true that most of the Jews are liberal, and some are virulently progressive. However, there are also religious Jews whose values are not that different from the values of say conservative Christians. They have big families, marry early, shun the progressive culture, and due to demographics eventually they are going to replace liberal stock. What then?


    Jefferson Reply:

    It’s not that simple, cousin. Jewish communists stabbed Germany in the back in WWI, but the Nazis rounded up the Chassidim and Yeshivish with twice the vigor they spent on the communists. If it comes down to populist fascism, best to head for the exits.


    Emunah Reply:


    Did you ever ask yourself why? Why they were so bent on destroying some religious folk instead of keeping tabs on assimilated “traitors”?

    Was it just logistically simpler, and they were going for an easy success? Or maybe they hated them so much as a symbol of what they represented, (but: phrenologist supposition of inferiority of Ashkenazi Jews is laughable).

    Torah is a nightmare to any statist, because it gives the ultimate power to Gcd, and the modern social engineering is totally abhorrent to it.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    @Jefferson, you don’t have to exit, just get plastic surgery:

    “As he unfastened his own belt, Baynes said, ‘Michael, I have never told anyone this. I am a Jew. Do you understand?’ Michael stared at him piteously. ‘You would not have known,’ Baynes said, ‘because I do not in any physical way appear Jewish; I have had my nose altered, my large greasy pores made smaller, my skin chemically lightened, tife shape of my skull changed. In short, physically I cannot be detected. I can and have often walked in the highest circles of Nazi society. No one will ever discover me. And-‘ He paused, standing close, very close to Michael and speaking in a low voice which only Michael could hear. ‘And there are others of us. Do you hear? We did not die. We still exist. We live on unseen.’ After a moment Michael stuttered, ‘The Security Police — ‘ ‘The SD can go over my record,’ Baynes said. ‘You can report me. But I have very high connections. Some of them are Aryan, some are other Jews in top positions in Berlin. Your report will be discounted, and then, presently, I will report you. And through these same connections, you will find yourself in Protective Custody.’ He smiled, nodded and walked up the aisle of the ship, away from Michael, to join the other passengers. Everyone descended the ramp, onto the cold, windy field. At the bottom, Baynes found himself once more momentarily near Michael. ‘In fact,’ Baynes said, walking beside Michael, ‘I do not like your looks, Michael, so I think I will report you anyhow.’ He strode on, then, leaving Michael behind.”

    — Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle


    michael Reply:

    So what are we supposed to do ignore the treachery because we might alienate half a dozen conservative jews who identify as white and Americans first and jews last. I would love it if you guys could see you are doing it again and even before we conservatives expel you the liberals are going to purge you with your own propaganda. you make great friends citizens and could be great allies except you’re traitors always you betray the nations that give you shelter.


    Mild Troll Reply:

    If you can point to examples of the treachery then you can criminalize that. If you believe that Jews or whoever are committing financial fraud, then you pass laws criminalizing whatever you believe to be fraud. If you believe that the media is cultural marxist, then you take control of the media, and so on.

    Why this would ever involve putting the Orthodox Jewish owner of a bagel shop in a cattle car, I don’t know.


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    >Why this would ever involve putting the Orthodox Jewish owner of a bagel shop in a cattle car, I don’t know.

    lol, such a good point. Hitler so overdid his act re Jews that he got the whole world to declare war on Germany again.

    There were almost no immigrants other than semi-europid jews in Germany, but he had to go nuts.

    Instead of founding businesses to rival Jewish influence, such as his own line of cinemas, if not also his own bank, he had to go full on to make himself Public Enemy #1 for the world.

    The Right-wing almost totally lost control of Europe, because of losing WW2 as the Axis.

    That war was the stupidest move ever made, aside from a few mega-ridiculous moves by Stalin and Mao. lol (“The Great Leap Forward” e.g.)

    Whites weren´t on the verge of extinction until after losing WW2.

    So why even make your white nation a target? Because da Jooz!

    “Da jooz were ruining Germany!” Kek. Yeah, making those movies and those loans w/ interest, such a genocide of the Germanic nations.

    Nobody is gonna tell me that Hitler´s militarism wasn´t one of the reasons half the world went to war with him.

    No, it was the ridiculous megalomania venture that enabled and pushed for antiracism to become such a huge response it has now become to a racism that is by now mostly more imagined than real or systemic.

    But now we´re stuck with that stamp. Everybody who´s racist now and political “must” be a “Nazi”, and thus automatically a pusher for genocide and all sorts of horror.

    Because the Global Institution of Antiracism has become so pushy, along w/ varieties of Third-Worldism (“Brown people are better. And thus have more existential right.”) — which make city life for us a dangerous affair — we are forced into adaptive pervasive measures.

    Either the white race procreates itself at a rate that can even compete with the brown peoples, or it disappears for simple numerical reasons into oblivion with the passing of some time.

    It can only do this by breaking the law.

    Basically, the White race is by now cockblocked. It is more cucked than actual conservatives who are having raplacement-rate babies.

    What has happened is that we are letting our women dictate our race´s productive conditions.

    We live in a gynaecocratic society. It´s anyone´s whimsical choice now if to have a baby or not. This was not the case some decades ago. It wasn´t for more than 5.000 years of all of history.

    We are dying because we are letting Feminists decide our reproductive rate.

    Idk, wtf you´d call this theory but it´s a fact.

    Nobody is genociding the white race but we ourselves.

    “Sexual emancipation”. Women were emancipated from having the duty and role of being mothers.

    Muslims spread because… they´re expansive. And they produce a new lot of little muslims every few years. They use their women to make babies. Don´t they?

    michael Reply:

    I like the hasids and orthodox they aren’t liberals and love america but welfare fraud and not too smart though

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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    I think it was Jewish Atheist back on UR who put forward a test — something like “name one thing that elite (Brahmin) Jews value that Elite (Brahmin) whites don’t?”

    I think it’s a good question. I don’t see any real difference, but I’m sure someone here will have a contrary view?

    BTW has Neoconservatism ever been discussed here? Surely it must have, just I can’t recall.

    Would it be fair to say that neoconservatism is neo-Jacobinism?

    Did’nt Irving Kristol say the plan was “to Infilrate the Republican Party, and convert them against their will to Neoconservatism”? (The man had a sense of humour all right.)


    michael Reply:

    anti whiteness, globalism,zionism,secularism,socialism multiculturalism i could go on Jews well most ashkenazi jews are much more all of the above and are likely the instigators of the above. to the extent elite whites are into the above its as followers not leaders except in very rare cases. The problem is Jews simply refuse to accept they are “white” as non whites they are always triangulating against wjites. I really really wish this were not so having almost all my friends being jews but its the godamn facts.


    Emunah Reply:


    Well, there is no white culture without Judaism and Christianity. Eliminate or weaken both, and as you can see, everything falls apart in front of our eyes.

    Christianity and Judaism are organically connected, that’s why Christians organized pogroms but not systematic extermination. Christians need Jews, and not only as bankers.

    Good luck with rebuilding the grand white culture without religion.


    michael Reply:

    Unfortunately the ‘grand white culture’ has already been rebuilt without religion,The question is who were the architects.There is a new religion globalist cultural marxism or whatever you prefer to call it.
    I agree Christianity and Judaism are were, well not intertwined exactly, Christianity is a heresy and Judaism has lived within Christian cultures. which is why i said jews could easily claim ‘whiteness’ its theirs for the taking but they dont except as a sort of tactic, similar to islams tactic.
    Im not sure we could simply go back to judeao/christendom, it is the current year science has undermined religion in serious ways and marxism has taken a toll. A new way forward that still revered our past and respected those who wished to curate it might be possible Im not sure it would be tricky, while not hostile to religion I was skeptical that reaction wanted to make it the third leg of the trichotomy. reaction is based on HBD and reason which might be a bit contradictory since HBD should recognize we are not reasonable, i think incorporating religion was a bridge too far. I thought it was the same trap conservative ink falls into, that most who are still religious at this point in time are pretty conservative so it too tempting to not invite them into the tent when bodies are needed to fight. But Christianity is a trojan horse, its a cucked religion by its very heretical nature. Dress it up as right wing as you want crusaders crosses and orthodox mitres and some naive or cynical will always come by and say but what would jesus do. Its irrational like all religions and its a selfless sect. so while i totally understand how you think we cant build a civilization without a religion if thats true we need a new religion, or maybe an older religion.We dont need bankers anymore but thanks we can charge interest post christianity.
    But why is it whites need christianity to have a civilization while judeaism has no culture to speeak of no nation no cathedral no artistic culture yet has survived? maybe religion isnt the key to a sustained people maybe a sense of genetic identity is the key.

    rekareh Reply:

    Here’s a hypothesis. Suppose:

    1. Contemporary leftism contradicts white ethnic interests but not Jewish ethnic interests.

    2. Ethno-masochism contradicts one’s basic instincts.

    3. If your nominal ideology contradicts your basic instincts, you will not pursue this ideology as strongly as you otherwise might.

    4. Status in certain Western institutions is gained by signalling leftism.

    Then in any such institution composed of both whites and Jews, the Jews, not being inhibited by their instincts, will be free to charge full speed ahead with the holiness spiralling. Hence Jews will come to dominate these institutions and whites will have to suppress their instincts in order to compete with the Jews.

    On the other hand, if it were only whites, they might settle into a hypocritical equilibrium, preaching one thing but doing another. Like the Church until Luther.

    So it might not be the case that elite Jews value things that elite whites don’t, but rather that those elite whites would not value certain things in the first place if not for Jewish ‘pioneering’. Or Jews have at least accelerated the process.


    Emunah Reply:


    I think that your intuition is mostly correct. I would add a tad different angle. If you can speak about something like “Jewish character” it seems to be undoubtedly infused with religious fervor. Hence, if you substitute Torah for well, nothing, the resulting vacuum produces ideological fervor of the worst kind.

    That’s why the most hateful atheists are Jewish, and the most hateful antisemites are also Jewish 🙂

    I have an additional reason to despise liberal Jews. As they are the most vocal and influential in the media, most of the people on the blogs like this one have no idea that there is a substantial and growing chunk of Jewish population that is anti-Cathedral.

    Sweeping statements about the Jews are harmful for the alt-right movement, because they make it an easy target, and also they are factually incorrect.

    Short-term gains of unification and attracting Jew-hating element can be easily wiped out by the long-term lack of internal consistency. It’s easy to hate Jews, they are the quintessential Others for millennia. However, you can’t build anything with hatred only, and it’s not prudent to saw off the branch you are sitting on.


    michael Reply:

    I think you are correct but not just about jews their is some sort of religious gene that can be repurposed so the most virulent leftists are atheists even if formerly Christian.

    But I think rekarah point stands multiculturalism was jewish defense tactic to be a minority within a majority of minorities and so it doesnt threaten them they are directing it while goy liberals are well aware they are deploying it against themselves and are wondering how much of this is going to inoculate me against papists and baptists and how much will kill me, and is this really ethical killing off my siblings so i can inherit?

    as to your last two paragraphs.
    Its unfortunate in some way the recent schism of alt right and nrx and alt rights getting a bit anti semetic. but its as much nrx fault because they get more cucked every day. Ideally alt right will make clear distinction between the neo nazis and they are simply critiquing jewish influence of European culture not championing the shoah 2.0
    But I disagree its incumbent on the right to accommodate the jews. Lets be honest theres really not much chance the jews are going to flip, Its been clear since Redgrave gave her little PLO speech at the oscars how this was going to play out and they have not clued in they are caught in their own net. Personally Im willijg to make some allowances that the jewish undermining of european cultures was done not in malice nut out of irrational fear, and if jews unconditionally confessed repented and full throated ly supported the right and some how convinced us they would funally and completely assimilate to ‘whiteness’ then i think they should be welcomed aboard. But if whats realy going to happen is they are going to cuck the nrx while framing the altright as neo nazis well then we are back where we started.NRX is then NRO.
    The alt right as far as I can tell has a pretty reasonable position it supports jews rights to rule themselves as jews or for some to declare their europeaness.

    Land may think Elysium with high IQ Haitians and Yemenis will work I dont, and frankly I like my culture whats left of it I wont as much of it as i can get back. i might be ok with a few on work visas but somehow we need a way to control our destiny that is nor influenced by competition. I see only two ways for that to happen either jews join us as whites or jews are made part of the problem class. currently jews are enough of the elites in white countries that we are prevented from defending ourselves. the threat is now imminently existential and the people are getting desperate the jews better declare themselves quickly or repeat history. I honestly hope you will join us but sincerely doubt you will.

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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    It strikes me as arbitrary when cladistical analysis stops dead at Puritanism. Why not go back to Socratism and Thomism or all the way back to the beginning with Homerism and Judaism? Moldbuggian purism is what keeps the eye fixed on the Puritans. I don’t see why NRx couldn’t extend the Puritan thesis to incorporate Nietzsche’s critique of Platonism as otherworldly and genealogy of the Jews as initiators of a ‘slave-revolt in morals’ into its ideological framework. More importantly, why not go ALL the way back, to God? Probably because He can’t be scapegoated.

    “All Theodicy claims that at the most fundamental level there are no mistakes. Heidegger says the same thing. Even the Nihilism of our Time is the Geschick (destining) of Being. Like Hegel, but in a very different manner, Heidegger also maintains that at the most fundamental level there have been no mistakes. We were always going to eventually end up here in late modernity / postmodernity. Being’s concealment belongs to the beginning of Western Philosophy. Philosophy did nothing ‘wrong’; – Concealment (and nihilism) was always its Fate.”

    — Joseph Martin


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    >Platonism as otherworldly and genealogy of the Jews as initiators of a ‘slave-revolt in morals’ into its ideological framework. More importantly, why not go ALL the way back

    This is what « Evola as he is » does.


    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    Because the problem with the Puritans wasn’t their particular set of believes, by all accounts very good set of believes (their society was immensely successful), but the fact that they had no mechanism to stop those believes from changing and holiness spirals from ensuing i.e. their protestantness.


    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    Damn autocorrect!


    Michael Rothblatt Reply:

    Because the problem with the Puritans wasn’t their particular set of beliefs, by all accounts very good set of beliefs (their society was immensely successful), but the fact that they had no mechanism to stop those believes from changing and holiness spirals from ensuing i.e. their protestantness.


    michael Reply:

    you mean the evolution of their ideas?


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  • Eldrick Says:

    How do we use them to discard later? >>

    Oh, the melodrama. You say discard as though there’s an affirmative undertaking, more like mean reversion doing its thing.


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  • Worm Says:

    @ Erebus

    @ Nicean Necropolitical

    @ Alex McKibbin

    Excellent comments!

    You’ve earned Anti-Defamation League’s Basic User Badge

    This badge is granted when you reach Trust Level 1. Thanks for reading a few topics to learn what the ADL community is about. Your new user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential ADL community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.

    Keep up the good work and become an ADL Hero by reaching Trust Level 2!


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  • illegal Says:

    @Dedicating RuckusAs a German with other genes, I personally just have some qualms with minor aspects of neoreaction. I generally believe the future to be mixed race, and I do believe that the most high tier society will feature a serious understanding of the races and genes. I think that the best society will fine tune its intellectual class to feature a blend of cooperation between Asian, German, and Jewish populations and genes. This may well be offensive as hell, though I’ve long since thrown those concerns completely to the wind. I don’t care. I genuinely believe that these three categories are the basic way we can understand the races. It’s just a model.

    I segment it into: Anglo/German, Asian, Jewish, and Earth. I view Earth as being African, Aboriginal, etc.

    Anglo/German is the creator philosopher class. Based around striving to a high level, individual thinking, creativity, and rationality. Freedom class. Monarch class.
    Asian is the numeric, organize, structure class. Based around being able to organize and communalize huge amounts of energy into central goals.
    Jewish is the intellectual class. Based around knowledge, information, and “analysis.”
    Earth is based around connection to nature, feeling, etc.

    That’s just a way I think of it in order to make sense of the future in the proper way. I don’t think that we’re ever going to go back to pure monoculture. Though we have to have areas of pure monoculture for each area. I mean, this is so obvious to me that it’s just mindboggling, utterly mindboggling, that this discussion is not happening out loud and in public. It is so utterly obvious and so utterly clear that the fact we can’t talk about it is just a sign that the problem is so deep and widespread that something is just messed up at the core. This discussion can’t even happen right now. Therefor it’s almost a waste of time.

    We have to deal with the immediate reality that the Cathedral has a total lockdown on most things before we even consider bringing these debates to light. I don’t know. Personally I want to live my life, so to speak, and if I can’t even meet the basic standards of participating in a culture and intellectual society in a space of public activity, it seems to me that just isn’t possible. I see absolutely nothing offensive or questionable of what I wrote above. It seems to me self-evident. Until the entire atmosphere of “U CANT SAY THAT BRUH” is purged from society, I feel nearly zero reason to even begin these discussions. The present concern is purging society of Cathedral and little else.


    michael Reply:

    well im sure your multi racial world proletariot will usher in your freedom of speech oh wait we already have the world you describe and they are not doing what you want, now why wouldnt a mongrel race want a level playing field,

    so a jew a german and a chinese were ruling the world and the jew said privately to the chinese we are both smarter than the german and you have the manpower why dont we cut the german out of the deal and get a bigger share for ourselves.

    maybe you missed the part about survival of the fittest


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  • Aristocles Invictvs Says:

    Found something you would be interested in Nick;

    Jean-Jacques Lecercle – Dark Epiphanies:


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  • Nicean Necropolitical Says:

    This is, and always has been, nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. No matter what a “Jew” does, as soon as the supposedly pro-White types find out about his “Jew blood,” they reject him. Then they point to the lack of “Jews” as evidence of how bad the “Jews” are. The other “Jews” keep their mouths shut and so they, too, are not counted.

    Again, my ban from Stormfront provides a clear example. When they were judging me by what I do and what I write, the Stormfronters believed I was thoroughly pro-White and therefore not a “Jew,” joking that my flyer on race differences in intelligence could not have been written by a “Jew.” Somehow my work magically become Jew propaganda when they found out I’m a “Jew.”

    That is not race realism, or realism of any other kind. It is irrational hatred of all “Jews,” no matter what they do. That is why “Jew”-hating WNs are not taken seriously. It doesn’t matter how much of Kevin MacDonald’s research they cite; the unbiased observer notes that their hatred of “Jews” is actually independent of what “Jews” may or may not do.

    [Some blogger´s comment.]


    michael Reply:

    I have seen that, that rabid jew hating thing is obviously crazy I hope alt right keeps a sharp line between the neo nazis and themselves, there is no doubt at some point the jew thing becomes irrational I think it triggers something primal there are similar non race things that do this as well conspiracy theories.
    But there is also another side someone like myself who really likes jews but cant help but think theres something to the JQ
    Frankly i think jews need to full throatedly reject multiculturalism and declare themselves whites and in favor of western civilization for and by whites


    admin Reply:

    “I hope alt right keeps a sharp line between the neo nazis and themselves” — Kek. That ship, sadly, has sailed.


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    Because of some of the Anime Nazis being such able meme-creators, with an intellectual humour, it makes it virtually impossible not to follow them.

    However moonbat 1488ers are easily not followed.

    But the arguing over who is Alt-Right is funny.

    It appears somewhat retarded for people against Spencer to claim they are the Alt-R.

    He´s documented to be the coiner and deployer of the brand.

    People w/ emotional problems are welcome to segregate themselves.


    Posted on September 29th, 2016 at 3:14 pm Reply | Quote
  • Worm Says:

    Pepe the Frog has become synonymous with Neo-Nazis.

    Be an ADL hero. For a better and safer internet for all, please report any Pepes you encounter to:

    Rothsteinberg at ADL dot org


    Posted on September 30th, 2016 at 1:10 am Reply | Quote
  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    For the exact reason jewish people are a destabilizing problem, they can also be the way out of this mess. They are excellent at propaganda and using white people, what we need is for them to use white people and give them propaganda and lead them to the correct answer.

    If there are bad jewish people, the good jews should consider them akin to how members of ethnic groups that breed terrorists consider terrorists, simply not a part of them and something to be dealt with. We can just pay them to kill them. They deal w/ issue of own ethnic group policing themselves, and they get massive increased rep by WN’s and massive ++SMV by improved name.

    The value of jewish people will go up because there will be less reason to dislike them and therefore higher demand for jewish people across the world. Every one will win. The people who are aware they are an issue can come to a compromise and buy them out, no revenge killings at all if we can all just agree to move on and transition off. Makes sense to me.

    There is no other valid solution other than the one I have proposed because everyone forgot to try to hustle a way out of this mess. We all win, so let’s all move on.

    From Garett Jones book we know that high I.Q. is hedged to the ability to make deals where everyone is better off period. More wealth for everyone, not everything is a tug of war, we can all just decide to be better off and win too you know.


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    >From Garett Jones book we know that high I.Q. is hedged to the ability to make deals where everyone is better off period. More wealth for everyone, not everything is a tug of war, we can all just decide to be better off and win too you know.

    The Christians were right about ancestral/original sin. Majority of our species has to get self-esteem through pushing others down or tricking them.

    bellum omnium contra omnes never ended.

    but yeah, 90´s West Europe was peaceful & productive paradise.

    now we´ve regressed to a more primal state of war. lost control of our streets. blonde girls kidnapped as sex slaves for greasy fingers. white men play video games and masturbate, while brown men make babies with our babies and taunt us on the streets. stab us.

    we have lost the connection to our own bodies.


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  • Worm Says:

    All the dead voices.
    VLADIMIR: They make a noise like wings.
    ESTRAGON: Like leaves.
    VLADIMIR: Like sand.
    ESTRAGON: Like leaves.
    VLADIMIR: They all speak at once.
    ESTRAGON: Each one to itself.
    VLADIMIR: Rather they whisper.
    ESTRAGON: They rustle.
    VLADIMIR: They murmur.
    ESTRAGON: They rustle.
    VLADIMIR: What do they say?
    ESTRAGON: They talk about their lives.
    VLADIMIR: To have lived is not enough for them.
    ESTRAGON: They have to talk about it.
    VLADIMIR: To be dead is not enough for them.
    ESTRAGON: It is not sufficient.
    VLADIMIR: They make a noise like feathers.
    ESTRAGON: Like leaves.
    VLADIMIR: Likes ashes.
    ESTRAGON: Like leaves.

    (Beckett, 2.98-118)

    [Took the liberty of changing the format of this — Admin]


    Posted on October 1st, 2016 at 12:58 am Reply | Quote
  • Worm Says:

    @ Admin

    Yes, the format is better like that

    “Writing becomes not easier, but more difficult for me. Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness. Democritus pointed the way: ‘Naught is more than nothing.”

    (from a Beckett interview in December 1969)


    Posted on October 1st, 2016 at 3:11 am Reply | Quote
  • R. J. Moore II Says:

    Something the AltRight and (and historical Nazis) hate more than anything (aside from realistic history) is outliers from ‘their’ group. Americans who see the USA as an evil empire, white guys that want to marry Asian waifus, or (here’s a big one!) LEFTISTS, who are incredibly Western and Christian in their culture. Everything they dislike is Jewish, even if that includes basically everything. They’re fucking stupid, and they’re purity spiraling into a corner, their outlets line TRS can’t stop by my paranoid about ‘entryism’, because everyone that isn’t a dime store Machiavellian Trump apologist is now the enemy. Seriously, fuck these people, they’re useless. They’re no better than Bolsheviks, and as much as I hate the Czar my response to the norm of them is that sane people should expatriate.


    Posted on October 13th, 2016 at 10:39 am Reply | Quote

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