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  • Dedicating Ruckus Says:

    So wait, is it true that 43% of Jews are in the top 1% of wealth? Or are they getting confused, and it’s really that 43% of the top 1% are Jews? Or something else?

    In any case, that’s fairly disproportionate. As is to be expected, I guess.


    Orthodox Reply:

    I read it as saying 43% of Jews are in the 1%. Since Jews are about 1.4% of the population, it means Jews make up 60% of the 1%.


    michael Reply:

    Yeah that’s about the size of it, kind of shocking when you first grok it. A powerful combo IQ and a sense of ethnicity huh. And when you consider how elite policies are an existential threat to the European peoples and wonder what the fuck can they be thinking, you sort of go well theres that, most of them dont see themselves as european people, in fact they think they owe the european people some revenge.

    This argument that half the elites are not jews so these policies cant possibly be intentionally genocidal really belie what we know about group psychology.or how institutions going in a specific direction can be ever so subtly pushed a bit in another direction through entry. or how the same policy can be backed for two different agendas and end games by different allies.

    All that aside its pretty absurd to think some of the most capable people on earth ought to be led ruled not by their own elites but instead by some of the other peoples elites, who have their own biological imperative. Unless of course you believe in some utopian muticultural cognitive tribe race is able to supersede HBD in which case you might even move to china and be ruled by the yellow menace.

    That said I had some hope that ashkenazi jews might realize finally that they are 60% Italian on their mothers side, and have as much contributed to western civ as any other ethnicity, and whether architects or simply partners in western deconstruction realize they are as likely as the rest of us to be hoisted by their own petard by a mob of various shaded niggers and would reconsider where the greater danger lie.Maybe Im as naive as admin.

    But this tweet if even genuine? is only taking an economic perspective which I suppose could be seen as a start, or a clever proxy for race, But its not going to cut it. Elites have brought us into a full on race war which they fancy they will be able to keep from turning on their own white asses though i fail to see how they will even keep our armed forces from turning on them much longer.which we are losing badly if they cant declare themselves and be explicit about what the war is about they are still working for our destruction along with Clinton, Gates, Buffet and the rest.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    “Yeah that’s about the size of it,”

    It’s not, actually.

    michael Reply:

    well kwiz i said ‘about’ and thinking more literally i suppose going by income you would be correct i was thinking more about elitism generally influence etc, half the lawyers ceos drs etc, whole industries of import are dominated, so i thought 43% of the inflential class was “about the size of it” I know a fair amout of people who make over 450k a year i cant think of one that actually gets any poly social power from it. but i know many who make a lot less and and do have influence.
    anyway i think we are being had by the alt right

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  • bomag Says:

    get educated</i.

    I'm afraid of what I will find.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    Jews are 2% of the US Population. 43% of US Jews is .86% of the population.

    Which, if true, then holy shit! I don’t think that’s true though. How do they count?


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Thinking more about it, yeah. I think this is alt-right agitprop.


    Lucian Reply:

    Ya think?


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    The following is from :

    Depending on religious definitions and varying population data, the United States is home to the largest or second largest (after Israel) Jewish community in the world. The population of American religious adherents of Judaism was estimated to be approximately 5,128,000 or 1.7%[11] of the total population in 2007 (301,621,000);[12] including those who identify themselves culturally as Jewish (but not necessarily religiously), this population was estimated at 6,489,000 (2.2%) as of 2008.[13] As a contrast, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics estimated the Israeli Jewish population was 5,664,000 in 2009 (75.4% of the total population).[14]

    Since many jobs/careers in science, business, and academia generally pay well, Jewish Americans also tend to have a higher average income than most Americans. The 2000–2001 National Jewish Population Survey shows that the median income of a Jewish family is $54,000 a year and 34% of Jewish households report income over $75,000 a year.[164] The 2010 Inside Baltimore Jewish Lifestyle Magazine shows that the median American Jewish household income stood at $80,000 prior to the economic recession.[165]

    World’s 165 Jewish billionaires worth combined $812 billion

    Oracle’s Larry Ellison heads Forbes Israel’s list of richest Jews; Bloomberg, Adelson round up top 312 billion

    According to the Hebrew magazine, which released its list on Thursday, Ellison has a net worth of $43 billion, up $7 billion from last year. Ellison was fifth on the Forbes 2013 list of world billionaires.
    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was second on the Forbes Israel list with $27 billion, up $5 billion from 2012. He appeared 13th on the world list.

    Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul and philanthropist, was third with $26.5 billion and was 15th on the world list.

    Eight of the top 10 on the Forbes Israel list of the world’s billionaires are from the United States; the remaining two are Russians.

    Rounding out the top 10 are Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, $23 billion and $22.5 billion, respectively; Carl Icahn, $20 billion; George Soros, $19.2 billion; Alisher Usmanov, $17.6 billion; Mikhail Fridman, $16.5 billion; and Len Blavatnik, $16 billion.

    The billionaires combined are worth a total of $812 billion.

    Jewish Americans are the most powerful and influential ethnic group in America. Jewish Americans make up 2 percent of the U.S. population yet comprise 40 percent of U.S. billionaires.

    18% of jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more. More than 55% of all Jewish Adults received a college degree and 25% earned a graduate degree.

    More than 60% of all employed Jews are in one of the three highest status job categories: professional or technical (41%), management and executive (13%) and business and finance (7%).
    Over 45% of large gifts made to charity are made by Jewish Americans. Over 50% of Jewish Americans live in just four states: New York, New Jersey, Florida and California.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Your numbers confirm that this is a hoax. It makes sense because the ADL wouldn’t be stupid enough to post that chart if it were true.

    The 1th percentile yearly household income is ~$430,000.
    The 1th percentile of wealth is 8.4 million [1]

    >> 34% of Jewish households report income over $75,000 a year.

    You have to make more than $75k to make more than $430k, so the max percentage of Jews that are in the 1% is 34%. (But of course it’s a lot less than that.)

    Conversely, the max percentage of the 1% that are Jews is .34 * 1.7% = 57.8%. But again, it’s a lot less than that.

    >> 18% of jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more.

    You need to have $1 million before you can have $8.4 million. The max % of Jews that are 1% by wealth is thus 18%.

    Conversely, the max portion of the 1% by wealth that are Jews is .18 * 1.7 = 30.6%

    But again, that’s a severe over-estimate.


    michael Reply:

    The elders had the tweet taken down lol seriously its gone down the memory hole


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  • illegal Says:

    I feel it often these days (zero European guilt) and maybe listen to some black metal in order to get in the groove and get in touch with my Aryan potential. It feels good to completely blow the roof off the Rabbi mystery that exists in my land and social media, lurking there like some shameful and disgraceful tumor in the recesses of the psyche. I simply look at it, and maybe shake it off like dirty crap on my foot. Of zero consequence to me, as much as I can make it. I don’t care if they own the banks, and crappy TV stations, and Hollywood, and whatever else. I just don’t care. I’m an Aryan, not a Jew, and I am European, not semitic. That’s what I am, and that’s how I am. My identity and existence is defined by that. I will not feel guilty or apologize to some foreign element for that part of myself. Absolutely not. Anyone who expects me to do that, or wants to laugh at me for being 100% Aryan can really just clear the way out of my space. I don’t hate them, I simply don’t want to be around them. I can feel them in my skin. I don’t welcome it whatsoever. I suspect the feeling is mutual. I’m fine listening to my Aryan music and expressing myself in a way that is, frankly, absolutely 0% related to the Semitic existence and experience. I’m not interested in being a part of it. Sorry guys. I’ve got my own way.


    michael Reply:

    The danger is when something is generally both intellectually true and emotionally triggering one can lose ones ability to think clearly. Contra some around here our monkey brains can not[nor should they] transcend our ethnic affinity because thats our prime directive the only good and only objective reason for life to survive to reproduce as close a copy of ourselves as possible.Our brains are our weapons system they need to be bathed in liquid helium.The way competing organisms pwn our prime directive is by triggering primal emotions in novel ways,


    Alex Reply:

    “I just wish the Jews would go away.” Everyone can sympathise, not least the Jews, but it never happens.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Those in the Jewish community with any clue have been supporting Nationalism for Europe since the beginning, because they realize the ultimate taboo: Herzl was right — the cause of anti-Semitism is internationalism, and the postwar dream of abolishing Hitler by abolishing ourselves has made this worse, not better.

    Those are the top-notch Jewish thinkers. The rest tend to be surface thinkers, like most mid-level intelligences, so they achieve no depth of penetration. Jews in general suffer from this as a result of their mixed-race background, which is why there are many great Jewish mathematicians and no great Jewish novelists or composers.


    michael Reply:

    The International Jew? Kind of has a new immediacy in 2016 as opposed to 1916. Could it be their wanderlust, But one might think Israel would have quelched that, just too many opportunities among the cognitively less gifted i suppose


    tsk Reply:

    If they wanted to live among the cognitively less gifted, they’d move to a brown country of dumb people.

    No, the most educated Ashkenazim are perpetually emigrating from Israel, for the same reason that the most educated Africans leave Africa – and only going to white countries: it sucks to live among Jews, and it’s nice to live in a nice white country.


    J Reply:

    On the contrary. The action is here in Israel, that is known even in the Silicon Valley. Everybody and his dog wants to live in Israel. We reject all except those with some link to the Jewish people. We had to build tall concrete walls and electronic fences to keep the world out.

    michael Reply:

    In fairness Brett
    Mahler Berlin Gershwin Mendelssohn are pretty well repected, Kafka,J.D. Salinger ,Asimov, Anyn Rand , mailer, doctorow, Proust was half jewish.


    Zimriel Reply:

    Depends what you mean by ‘great’. Rand and (more so) Roth are pretty high tier for novelists. Weren’t Heller and Kafka Jewish too? This before we even start with genre fiction, especially SF.

    For composers, muh Mendelssohn, before someone else says it.


    michael Reply:



    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Moar Jewish composers of note (you really missed this one, Brett): Schoenberg, Ligeti, Glass, Schnittke.

    The thing I hate the most about Jews is their “lachrymose history.” Whenever a Jew begins extruding grand emotions about the suffering oh the suffering of muh people and muh homeland and we give so much to all, I turn alt-right for a moment. It’s not as bad as negro whining but it’s always distasteful in the extreme.


    michael Reply:



    John Hannon Reply:

    “lachrymose history”

    Could equally apply to the Irish (from muh potato famine to Sunday Bloody Sunday). Come closing time in Paddy bars the world over, maudlin songs of oppression and diaspora are guaranteed to be heard.
    How long? How long must we sing this song?

    Bono on stage between songs dramatically clicking his fingers –
    “Every time I click my fingers another child in Africa dies of starvation.”
    Voice from the audience –
    “Well stop fu*king doing it then!”


    D. Reply:

    Joseph Roth (author of The Radetzky March, among other works) was a better writer than the other Roth. Add Stefan Zweig, Arthur Schnitlzer, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Franz Kafka, Ferenc Molnar, Arthur Koestler, Elias Canetti, Herman Wouk, Primo Levi, Stanislaw Lem.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Agree with you about the Irish. My favorite Bono moment would have been his being crushed under a Jihadmobile in Nice, but for some reason Gnon smiled on him.

    Next time, Bono. The diversity bell tolls for thee.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    One point is that Juden talents are especially useful middle men positions, which is not in itself a problem. However, verbal facilities and cooperation are also very useful in republican styles of government. The combination means that Jews will be over represented in certain jobs and politics and, like anyone, will use legal means to warp the economy so that middle men are favored. This is the grain of truth to the idea that Jews are parasites, because they are adept at occupying positions that draw exceptionally high returns thanks to government meddling. Of course, all of this is true of any politically influential group, especially one that is not commercially inept. In the peasant v. plutocrat narrative there is often a mix of envy and actual exploitation, which normies are too dumb to distinguish and demagogues are not inclined to point out (especially because they usually intend to use politics to put their own oligarchy in power, and wouldn’t want people to think that government itself is the core problem).


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  • pyrrhus Says:



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  • Lex Corvus Says:

    On the subject of Jewish composers, Jews have disproportionately contributed to musical theater—Berlin, Kern, the Gershwin brothers, Hart, Rogers, Hammerstein, Bernstein, Sondheim, Schwartz, and many others.

    Whether this is a credit to their people, or a crime for which they must atone, I’ll leave to the individual judgment of the reader.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    It’s too bad the mocha-colored dumdum-blooded denizens of the Universal Homogeneous State they’re orchestrating into fruition will largely prefer listening to rap music.


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  • Nicean Necropolitical Says:

    The Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits.

    The Jewish Federations of North America’s Washington office director, William Daroff, said Tuesday that the allocation made sense particularly in light of an intensification of threats on Jewish community targets in the United States and overseas.

    “In the current environment there are threats to nonprofits and to Jewish institutions,” he told JTA, noting a swell of attacks on Jewish institutions in Europe in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip.

    “We see it clearly in Europe, but we also see it here in the United States in Kansas City, in Seattle and numerous occasions that are not made public or do not come to fruition,” Daroff said. He referred to attacks in recent years on Jewish community centers in Kansas City and Seattle.

    The allocations, announced July 25, are based on applications that are then assessed for threat by local and federal law enforcement officials.

    The $13 million disbursed last week brings to $151 million the amount disbursed since the program started in 2005, most of it to Jewish institutions.

    Leading the lobbying for the program have been the Jewish Federations of North America, the Orthodox Union and Agudath Israel of America.

    In a statement, the JFNA thanked Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson as well as lawmakers for championing the funds, among them Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), Richard Shelby (R-Ala), Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Dan Coats (R-Ind.), and Reps. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), John Carter (R-Texas) and David Price (D-N.C.).


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    We have to be men again before we can be anything my fellow whites.

    Including if we want to be Nazi’s.

    Mind you if we become men perhaps we won’t have to be Nazis.

    We merely need to rule our own lands and that’s all, no foreigner can rule us.

    As for all the racial anger who stirred us up? It certainly wasn’t Stormfront.


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  • Mild Troll Says:

    You know those meme images where it shows both Marxism and Libertarianism to be Jewish inventions (Karl Marx, and Murray Rothbard respectively)?

    Well, Moses Hess, a French Jew, was one of the first to articulate “racial socialism” in a form that predates and influenced the eventual formation of National Socialism, so the Jews were behind Nazism too!


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    Jews are behind everything.*

    To quote Miguel Serrano: « I can not fail to consider that, in this attitude of eminent Latin writers, since no German National Socialist is to be found among the Integral Traditionalists, beneath the appearance of wishing to show broad criticism, magnanimity, objectivity and “Olympic”detachment, to use their words, one only finds the desire to somehow ingratiate the all-powerful Jew, to be pleasing to him at the same time that they declare him their enemy. »

    * (Not really.)


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    The prospect of Jewish extermination is enticing for a reason you’re in denial of. If we purged them from positions of power–heck even throw them full pension as Moldbug the Gentle Giant suggests regarding (most) “retired” Brahmins–we would effectively be stripping the Cathedral of most of its power. There will be lots of WASPs, and their secular counterparts, to fire and supplant. But *a lot* of Jews are going to have to go, proportionally.

    After a couple of generations we will hopefully be able to utilize the Jewish stock for the patchwork project, etc. It’s still an open debate whether there is a bio-metaphysical Jewishness that is nefarious per se (as Weininger e.g. posited); if there is we will see it in subversion of our post-Cathedral political projects. I like Foucault’s phrase “technologies of the self” to describe ways of spirituality: the Jews had their technology, we Christians ours. As he says in “Nietzsche, Genealogy, History”:

    “Fathers have only to mistake effects for causes, believe in the reality of an “afterlife” or maintain the value of eternal truths, and the bodies of their children will suffer.”

    We incorporate our technologies, they become part of our bone marrow. Imagine a Plato’s Republic style critique of poetry aimed at the Old and New Testaments to analyze precisely which virtues and vices it inculcates into its users. Maybe the New Testament was literally Progress and the Old is backwards; therefore its users are backwards (like many Muslims e.g.). Funny how Islam is a prominent scapegoat target here – peer into yourself when you scapegoat them and you’ll get a taste of a different brand of the Jew thing.


    R. J. Moore II Reply:

    “What the Nazis really have in mind when indicting the Jewish mind for internationalism is the liberal theory of free trade and the mutual advantages of international division of labor. The Jews, they say, want to corrupt the innate Aryan spirit of heroism by the fallacious doctrines of the advantages of peace. One could hardly overrate in a more inaccurate way the contribution of Jews to modern civilization. Peaceful coöperation between nations is certainly more than an outcome of Jewish machinations. Liberalism and democracy, capitalism and international trade are not Jewish inventions.
    “Finally, the Nazis call the business mentality Jewish. Tacitus informs us that the German tribes of his day considered it clumsy and shameful to acquire with sweat what could be won by bloodshed. This is also the first moral principle of the Nazis. They despise individuals and nations eager to profit by serving other people; in their eyes robbery is the noblest way to make a living. Werner Sombart has contrasted two specimens of human being: the peddlers (Händler) and heroes (Helden). The Britons are peddlers, the Germans heroes. But more often the appellation peddlers is assigned to the Jews.
    “The Nazis simply call everything that is contrary to their own doctrines and tenets Jewish and communist. When executing hostages in the occupied countries they always declare that they have punished Jews and communists. They call the President of the United States a Jew and a communist. He who is not prepared to surrender to them is by that token unmistakably a Jew. In the Nazi dictionary the terms Jew and communist are synonymous with non-Nazi.”
    – “Omnipotent Government” by Ludwig von Mises. Of course, HE WAS A J00¡¡¡¡


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  • Worm Says:

    You’ve named some great Jewish novelists (especially Kafka) and composers (Schoenberg), but what about painters or visual artists?

    Equal to Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso (or more contemporary) Magritte, Pollock, Duchamp, etc…


    D. Reply:

    The Biblical prohibition against visual representations of the Almighty had a damping effect on the usage of the visual arts generally, to such an extent that there are no notable Jewish painters until the late-19th century. The only famous Jewish painter among your post-Impressionists, or any other period/movement, is Marc Chagall (though I’m not sure why you would choose a bunch of modernists as your points of comparison for great art).

    If you want to extend the visual arts from the traditional painting and sculpture to also include film as a medium, then there are at least a few great Jewish visual artists in the field of cinema, beginning with Sergei Eisenstein.


    D. Reply:

    Perhaps I should have written “beginning with Fritz Lang”, as his Metropolis (1927) is the height of German film expressionism.


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  • Worm Says:

    How about a Jewish film-maker who’s done something equal to Robert Bresson’s “Au hasard Balthazar”?

    Or equal to the 2nd movement of Schubert’s Piano Sonata in A minor (D959) used in the final scene of Bresson’s film?


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  • Marco Says:

    I can’t believe any of you took a screenshot. I’m so depressed right now.


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  • Worm Says:

    The future

    50 years into the Kalergi Plan and whites have all disappeared. Defeated by avarice, selfishness, race mixing, alcohol, drug addiction, their fanatical worship of Negroes and even more fanatical worship of Jews….

    and above all, before anything else, whites have disappeared from their hatred for any form of lyricism.

    Whoever hates the lyrical dies ignobly. The garbage pails are waiting.

    What a shithouse!

    Shakespeare, Vermeer, Nietzsche, Paul Cézanne, Franz Schubert, Beckett ….. by 2060 all these geniuses are long forgotten, completely erased (you can’t even find references to them in the libraries anymore, not that anyone is searching…)

    In 2060 the Pope is a Jew named Isaac Ratish and libraries have nothing to offer other than porn from A to Z

    and for the billions and billions of Afro-Islamic sub-humans who inherited the earth, L’Algerino is worshipped like a god …. considered the greatest human who ever existed:



    Wally D. Reply:

    I daresay CRISPR technology will have kicked in long before 2060 and the human DNA altered far beyond what exists today. Maybe even for the better, depending on what is seen as “good”


    Nicean Negropolitical Reply:

    A bucketload of authors is ‘nothing’ if it is not made into a relatively coherent religion for the masses to act on for a noble purpose.

    Yesterday, I made the point that we´re below replacement rate because we´re all Feminists by now, to different degrees, or sociopathic nerds who think a double life of a career for bucks and an anonymous cryptic internet presence is worthier than maintaining civilization & honor.

    Incidentally, today this video appeared, in which is a record of a proud Muslim stating that we (whites) can only dream about competing when we start having at least 4 children each.

    » With Open Gates «

    This was also discussed in the comment section to @draknats ( recent video: titled « My Fashy TradKween Will Wear a Hijab »


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    @Kikean Negropolitical: proto NEET shitlord Mitchell Heisman planted, in Straussian fashion, in the center of his Suicide Note a reference to de Beauvoir’s Second Sex. But the problem isn’t feminism, it’s the botched Theo-Nomos of the West: “all are one before the LORD”. This is the root of all equality. The LORD is now vestigial and we genuflect to the omnibenevolence, omnipresence and omnipotence of Equality. But taken as a metaphysical abstraction, Equality is internally self-contradictory as it implicitly postulates itself as hierarchically higher than Hierarchy. Equality is always already hierarchical. Hierarchy is more primordial than Equality. This truth was expressed in the Judaeo-Christian LORD’s hierarchical dominion over man but the hierarchy was too steep, the ladder snapped with the LORD dangling, clinging to the rain gutter on the roof, climbing up, and man left with himself with no way to get up. Now man has been all alone on the ground for a while and has retained his feeling of smallness compared to Him; he is alone now with his fellows. To build a sturdier ladder we could restore a pagan-esque configuration of the sacred, tailored to fit a secular hoi polloi of course. We can’t correct the sex problem or the race problem until we correct the principle that underlies them. The principle to be restored is the belief in divinities that are not so perfect–so divine–that they alienate or discourage man from aspiring to ascendance. One model for this is Olympian polytheism where Zeus is King but checked by his wife Hera, bro Poseidon, etc.

    However, nor can these divinities be so imperfect that man is tempted by a hubristic will to power.


    Kikean Negropolitical Reply:

    If it isn´t Feminism and contraceptions — that emancipated women from motherhood — how do you explain that Europe in 1.500+ years of submittal to your feared Jewish LORD (and his son, the King of Jews), women had the role of a mother?


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Did feminism and contraception arrive ex nihilo? If not they were natural consequences of our Theo-Nomos. (Or it was aliens.) Nothing like them emerged for 1500 years, sure, but it takes a cow a certain amount of time after eating grass to digest and leave a pie. NRx is the mushroom growing on (from) it.

    Concerning your alias “A Christian Negro [is] actually a better person than many of the Alt-Right” that is debatable. Catholicism is probably the best thing for those boys (blacks) in this epoch. But it’s best that the feminization effect of Christianity (see: Machiavelli’s Discourses) stays far away from our men; it’s best they worship the god of wind (Wotan). At least those sooty-cheeked ones of our working class. Moldbug’s strategy is one straight out of scifi utopia. We’re going to need a horde of white gangstas–I mean berserkas–to strike when the time is right,fl_progressive,q_80,w_680/t9r7c1s28rs3efoif8dd.jpg

    The time will probably not ever be right; we will make the time right by striking. And the white Christian traditionalists who stink up our ranks today should be on the first boxcar to the gulag (NBS; Citadel gets an extra helping of gruel) oops am I allowed to say that here?

    Race War Later

    A Christian Negro that is actually a better person than many of the Alt-Right Reply:

    I agree that witnessing many a “Traditionalist” is an embarrassment, such as one otherwise fine member of Twitter who was recently attacking pagans.

    This sort of exotericism just doesn´t work in Modernity, where the confluence of ideas is a multiplicity such as never seen before in the scant consensus-approved history of this globe that we have.

    But Feminism does not have an exclusively Christian origin. Christianity built on pagan gynocentric cults.

    It´s not that gynaecentric cults don´t have their place, but how they come to predominate over honor-focused patricians is the mystery.

    How can a people who are a proud fatherland, based on truth telling and crime-minimizing, decide to let the values of women predominate, women who are at least curious about swarthy energetic strangers (the latter who´ve had historically a lower predisposition to a good society)?

    ▬ « Hops is best known for its use in beer. The majority of physicians and men overlook its potent chemicals and do not realize that beer itself can significantly alter the male androgen levels. German beer makers noticed long ago that the young women who picked hops in the fields commonly experienced early menstrual periods. Eventually, researchers discovered the reason – hops is perhaps one of the most powerfully estrogenic plants on Earth. Just 100 grams of hops (about 3.5 ounces) contains anywhere from thirty thousand to three hundred thousand IUs of estrogen, depending on the type of hops. Most of it is the very potent estrogen estradiol. Estradiol, as it is taken into the male body, causes a direct lowering of testosterone levels in the testes and an increase in SHBG levels, which then binds up even more free testosterone in the bloodstream. The estradiol in hops has also been found to directly interfere with the ability of the testes Leydig cells to produce testosterone. The presence of this highly estrogenic substance in beer is not an accident.

    Prior to the German Beer Purity Act of 1516, beer almost never contained hops. In fact, more than one hundred different plants were used in brewing beer for at least ten thousand years prior to the introduction of hops in the middle ages. For the last thousand years of that period, the most dominant form of “beer” was called gruit, which contained a mixture of yarrow, bog myrtle, and marsh rosemary. These herbs, especially in beer, are sexually and mentally stimulating. (It is rare to become sleepy when drinking un-hopped beers.) The Catholic Church had a monopoly on the production of gruit, but competing merchants and the Protestants worked together to break their monopoly and force the removal of all sexually stimulating herbs from beer. They replaced them with an herb that puts the drinker to sleep and dulls sexual drive in the male. »

    nnms Reply:

    >But Feminism does not have an exclusively Christian origin

    You’re wrong about this one. Here’s a tell: attendance rates by gender in religious services/ceremonies. Virtually every other religion has balanced attendance rates. There is one cluster of exceptions (Roman Catholics and Protestants).

    It’s not only exclusively Christian in origin, it is particularly western Christian at the root. There’s nothing quite like Bridal Mysticism in eastern Christianity, for example. Predictably, if you take a stroll through an Orthodox church during liturgy, half of the attendees are men. Do the same during Catholic mass, and you’ll be lucky f a third of the people inside are men.

    Here’s the really big tell though: the woman supermajority in western Christian churches is a universal. Muslim and eastern Christian churches in Africa have balanced attendance. Protestant and Catholic ones are attended by supermajorities of women. In Japan, men and women equally visit shinto shrines during New Years, but mass is always over-attended by women. Greek Orthodox churches in the U.S. have balanced attendance rates (and if they’re biased, they’re biased towards men!). Protestant and Catholic ones? There’s a reason why this parody works so well.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    1. I state « Feminism does not have an exclusively Christian origin »
    2. You state « You’re wrong about this one. »
    3. You state « It’s not only exclusively Christian in origin »


    In the first chapter [of a 150-page study in French by Bruno Cariou], called « Birth of a tragedy », the various etymologies that have been given of the name of the goddess are shown to be remarkably complementary, while the myth, as related by Plutarch, a Free-Mason before his time, is recalled, and the coming to the fore of Isis as the main mother goddess of the pantheon of the monotheistic Egyptian religion, later revamped by the Ptolemies into a universal, unique, and most compassionate, deity, only to be exported in an ‘hellenised’ form into the Graeco-Roman world, is explained. Alexandria, the capital of the Ptolemaic kings, was a cosmopolitan city — perhaps the first cosmopolitan city in the world —, in accordance with the wishes of its founder, Alexander. Alexandria was a melting pot of Macedonian Greeks, Jews, Egyptians and other communities which worshipped different gods and often fought against each other and their rulers. Ptolemy Soter I decided to establish a new cult, in order to give this mix some cohesion likely to make its different components join in the common worship both of a divinity and of himself : Sarapis was to be the name of this divinity, with whom Ptolemy was co-worshipped, while the queen was identified with the god’s wife, Isis, who, however, was still worshipped separately. In Greece, where it was brought by merchants and priests from Alexandria in the IVth century B.C., the cult of Isis merged with that of the Pelasgic Demeter ; the attributes of both goddesses are almost identical.

    The second part evidences the revealing similarities between Demeter and Isis in mythological and symbolic terms. Plutarch suggested that Isis and Persephone, Demeter’s daughter, were one and the same, while Diodorus Siculus and Epiphanius identified Isis with Demeter. More or less in the same way as, in Egypt, Isis received many epicleses, after attributes of lower deities were incorporated into her functions and iconography from the New Kingdom onwards, so, in Greece, Demeter had many aspects, whose main ones were Artemis, Athena, and Hecate, each goddess being considered as having, like her, positive as well as negative powers, depending on the aspect under which they manifested themselves. Isis, too, « the holy and benevolent preserver of the human race », « when she appears as Tithrambo, » takes on a wholly different character, « her very looks bring death upon the beholder, and her office is that of an unrelenting inflicter of punishment » (James Bruce, The Origin of Pagan Idolatry, vol. 3, p. 52). It is not by chance that both Demeter and Isis were called « myrionymos » (« of a thousand names »). These names reflect the protean, multifaceted, elusive character of the feminine principle.

    The third part deals with Demeter’s mysteries, that is to say, Eleusisian mysteries, and, at the same time, with Isis’, as, according to Diodorus and Lactantius, the former were like the latter. Since the only source of information on the Isis mysteries, as celebrated in Greece, is Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, it is thus reasonable to assume that the study of the Eleusinian mysteries, no matter how little they are known, can shade some light on them. Of all the mystery cults that developed in the Greek world, it is paradoxical that the Eleusinian form of these cults are the least poorly known, given that the initiates were sworn to secrecy under the penalty of death ; it is all the more paradoxical that Herodotus states that, in his time, whoever wished to be initiated, whether Athenians or other Greeks, might be so, and that, at a later period, even non Greeks could be so. The only requirements for those seeking initiation were that they could speak Greek and had never committed murder. What is the point of imposing a pledge of secrecy on so many people? In any case, we are a long way, as pointed out by Jean Borella in « Ésotérisme guénonien et mystère chrétien », from the « elite » which Guénon portrayed as the only persons possessing the necessary qualifications to be initiated. What exactly were initiatory rituals at Elesusis about ? J. Evola’s answer, based on contemporary sources, to this difficult question is found in ‘ Sex in the Kabbala and EJeusinian Mysteries’, a chapter of ‘Metaphysics of Sex’. The same claim is made by Marguerite Rigoglioso (see, who endeavours to show, on the basis of a daring interpretation of the synthema which the mystes recited upon moving into the last phase of initiation (« I fasted, I drank the draught (kykeon ); I took from the chest; having done my task, I placed in the basket and from the basket into the kyste.[a cylindrical reliquary ») that the sexual union which was presumably at the heart of the initiation was both symbolic, as Evola assumed it to have become in Classical Greece, and actual, physical. A detailed consideration of the mythological figure of Baubo gives quite striking evidence of the consistency of her analysis. The kykeon, that is to say, as has just been mentioned, the special drink the mystai drank upon breaking their fast, is believed (see, since Nietzsche (The Birth of Tragedy) argued it was a « narcotic [potion] », to have been composed of ingredients containing psychedelic substances responsible for the visual hallucinations experienced by all of them, without researchers being able to agree on which one it may have been. The properties of five candidates for the Eleusinian kykeon are assessed.

    Unlike Daniélou, Evola does not assert explicitly that Tantric rituals were performed at Eleusis. Very few persons are qualified to follow Tantric practices without suffering the consequences, and thousands of people, if not more, were initiated each year. The emphasis, at Eleusis, was on the divine woman, not as a means to liberation, as in Tantrism, but as an end in itself, with rather strong moral overtones, probably due to Orphic influences. What was promised there was not and could not be « … Olympian immortality, which implies … the abrogation of the naturalistic and earthly-motherly bond, the departure from the everlasting circle of generation, and the ascent toward the region of immutability and pure being », but, precisely, the insurance of being able to be born again and again from the everlasting maternal cosmic womb (Metaphysics of Sex, p. 50). In the view that all initiates would achieve immortality, and that everyone could be admitted and initiated, we can see another stage in the process of what Eliade called « the democratisation of post-mortem life». Such a belief could only be entertained by playing on pathos. « … the secrets of Eleusis did not consist in any body of teaching, either religious or ethical. The effect was produced, not upon the intellect, but upon the emotions and upon the imagination . » (J. Gresham Machen, The Origin of Paul’s Religion, p. 219). Once again, Guénon’s peremptory assertions on initiation appear to be based only on his imaginative powers.

    Besides highlighting the emotional and plebeian factor in the success of the Eleusianian mysteries, the fourth chapter brings into awareness their amazonic tone. The divine woman is worshipped as a principle superior to the masculine principle in a territory which used to be hers, before Indo-European tribes conquered her queendoms, submitting her peoples, that is to say, the Pelasgic tribes. The Eleusinian mysteries were something of a vengeful reconquest in disguise. The hieros gamos which took place at Eleusis between the goddess and the hierophant the last day of each session ended with the following announcement from the latter : « Brimo (Demeter] has given birth to Brimos ! that is, the Strong One to the Strong One » Whatever the identity of this child (see Ariel Guttman,, Kenneth Johnson, Mythic Astrology: Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope, p. 94), whoever gave birth to him (whether it was Demeter or Persephone), what really matters here is the name of the child : ‘Brimo’, meaning ‘terrifying’, ‘wrathful’. Beginning with Augustus, several Roman emperors in the Ist and IId centuries came to Eleusis to be initiated into the Mysteries. In the iconography, some of these emperors were adorned with a corn wreath, one of Isis/Demeter most distinctive attributes. Gallienus went so far as to have coins struck, on which he is represented crowned with corn, and his name is given in the feminine dative singular as follows : « Gallienae Augustae » (« To the August Galliena ») As put by Rigoglioso, « [h]e perceived himself to have become ’emperor as goddess’ and ’emperor belonging to the goddess,’ that deity being Demeter/Persephone. It was understood that unless a man became ‘female,’ he could not enter into the queendom of the underworld. » Demeter/Isis had her vengeance. Beyond vengeance, what was contemplated was a return to the matriarchal conditions that prevailed in Greece prior to the Achean and Dorian conquest, and a resumption of the experiments in parthenogenesis which were conducted in Greece by specialised priestesses as early as in the Bronze age (see M. Rigoglioso, « The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece ») ; unsurprisingly, what they attempted to produce through asexual and magical methods was mainly a female offspring. There are strong grounds for thinking that, in patriarchal Greece, the thesmophoria, a festival celebrated exclusively by women under the sign of the parthenogenetic bee, served as a laboratory for such experiments.

    The method of propagation of the cult of Isis into the Graeco-Roman world (see comes under scrutiny, as well as the related factors, in the fifth chapter. Two very distinct phases are to be distinguished in the introduction of an exotic cult in a part of a country whose political authorities do not support it and whose ethnic landscape has a certain homogeneity. In the first period, worship keeps a low profile and does everything it can to accentuate its otherness, if only to pick the curiosity of the natives. Gradually, this isolation strategy gives way to an increasingly stronger tendency to communicate with the natives and to adopt their language and customs ; to blend in with regular people is the best way for an exotic cult to become integrated in its new environment, while its priests lobby those who are in high places, until it is recognised by the State, and worship can finally become public. Greek women played a large part in the successful dissemination of Eastern cults both in Greece and, later, in Italy. The permissiveness of Athenian democracy and the taste of some Athenians for the exotic was another significant factor. A third determining element was the proselytism of the Ptolemaic kings, which was first evidenced by Cumont in the epoch-making, unparalleled, work, he published in 1911. Besides, aretologies (hymns to Isis) show the existence of « an ideological project to provide Isis with all the attributes necessary for her integration in the cosmopolitan context of the time » (Giulia Siameni Gasparro, The Hellenistic Face of Isis. Cosmic and saviour Goddess. In Laurent Bricault, Miguel John Versluys, Paul G. P. Meyboom (éds.), Nile Into Tiber: Egypt in the Roman World, p. 59). Syncretism is the consequence of cosmopolitanism in the religious domain. Now, most Greek city-States were rather cosmopolitan by the time the political propaganda of the Ptolemies had started, and Greeks were already accustomed to interpreting, and to trying to understand their religion and mythology by comparing them to concepts and religious practices of other peoples, and specifically to identifying their gods (to be sure, at that time, not all the gods they assumed were theirs were actually so) to foreign gods, a trend that quickly degenerated into mania. It is no coincidence that Herodotus, who travelled to Egypt, pioneered in development of this discourse. Yet, he was not the one who devised it. ‘Greeks’ from Asia Minor, who around 640 BC had been authorised by Psammetichus I to found a colony in Naukratis in the Nile Delta, seem to be those who first indulged in the comparison between Greek gods and Egyptian gods (syncretism existed in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Mesopotamia ; see Gebhard Selz, Studies in Early Syncretism: The Development of the Pantheon in LagaS Examples for Inner-Sumerian Syncretism, Acta Sumerologica 12, 1990, p. 111–142). The fifth factor has already been touched upon in the previous lines : the increasing number of metoikoi in Greece, and the subsequent mongrelisation.

    The same explanations apply more or less to the penetration of the cult of Isis into Rome, except for the fact that it met with political resistance. The senate was the ultimate instance in religious matters, but it had no criminal jurisdiction. It exercised its prerogatives in these matters vigorously, but not very effectively. Indeed, the Roman religious legislation was vague and loose ; everything was done more or less according to circumstances and events ; senatorial prohibitions were not always followed up. Periods of extreme stringency were followed by periods of inconceivable weakness ; in other words, very harsh magistrates, who understood that Mystery societies, under the guise of religion, aimed at changing the civil institution, offering the most seditious and the most corrupt individuals the opportunity to meet and plot, alternated with unimaginably soft magistrates, whose softness was perhaps proportional to their sympathy for Eastern cults, and, as time went by, to the strain of alien blood in their veins. Septimius Severus (193 – 211 A.D.),a Numidian African Moor, gave two thirds of the seats in the Senate, whose Semitisation had really started under the reign of Trajan, to provincial dgnitaries, who were for many of them Asiatics, Syrians, Numidians ; Patrician families were no longer represented in the Senate by 250 A.D. (see Pierre Gaspard Hubert Willems’ unvaluable study : Le Sénat de la République romaine : la composition du Sénat, Ch. Peeters, 1878). « Jam pridem Syrus in Tiberim defluxit Orontes ». What Piganiol called the « pagan reaction » took place in the IVth century in the name of eastern godesses and gods ; it is in Mithraism and in Isiacism that Julian drew the precepts of the Church he envisionned to establish in order to oppose Christianity.

    The sixth chapter, which opens with an examination of the profound differences between Greek and Roman priesthood and priesthood in Egypt – in short, Greek and Roman priests lived in the world, whilst Egyptian priests were professional priests – and goes on to examine the charge of immorality and lewdness levelled by Latin authors against the priests of Isis, a charge they also laid against priests of other Eastern cults such as Christianity, shows, drawing mainly on Cumont, that Isiacism, albeit being a rival to it, paved the way for Christianity : « The preaching of the Asiatic priests also unwittingly prepared for the triumph of the church which put its stamp on the work at which they had unconsciously labored. Through their popular propaganda they had completely disintegrated the ancient national faith of the Romans, while at the same time the Caesars had gradually destroyed the political particularism. After their advent it was no longer necessary for religion to be connected with a state in order to become universal. Religion was no longer regarded as a public duty, but as a personal obligation ; no longer did it subordinate the individual to the city-state, but pretended above all to assure his welfare in this world and especially in the world to come. The Oriental mysteries offered their votaries radiant perspectives of eternal happiness. Thus the focus of morality was changed. The aim became I to realize the sovereign good in the life hereafter instead of in this world, as the Greek philosophy had done. No longer did man act in view of tangible realities, but to attain ideal hopes. Existence in this life was regarded as a preparation for a sanctified afterlife, as a trial whose outcome was to be either everlasting happiness or everlasting pain. As we see, the entire system of ethical values was overturned. » (The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism, p. xii-xiii, 1911)

    The characteristics of gynaecocracy are outlined in the introduction according to the accounts given by ancient Greek writers of tribal groups either led by women, or governed by matriarchal customs, accounts which J. Evola pondered over, before asking in the mid-1950’s : « Do We live in a Gynaecocratic Society ? », and answering in the affirmative. In the mid-1950’s, there were very few female political schemers, and there were not more women in the private or public sector ; few female civil servants held senior positions ; in some European countries, women were still barred from some professions.

    In 2016, one magistrate out of two is a woman in England and Wales ; 80 percent of magistrates in Poland are women. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, after having found its way in the courtrooms in post-WW2 Europe, the theory put forward by the Jewish criminologist Lombroso in the early XXth century, whereby « the atavistic determinism of the ‘born criminal’ amounted to relativise… guilt, crime » (J. Evola, Psicologia Criminale Ebraica, in La Difesa della Razza, 18), lays down the law, and the criminal is often considered, and actually tried, as if he was the victim, and the victim, the criminal. « La victime est-elle coupable ? Le rôle de la victime dans le meurtre en vue de vol » (« Is the victim guilty? The part of the victim in a theft crime »’) is the title of a book published in 1971 by Presses de l’Université de Montréal ; the jurist who asked this question, a certain Ezzat A. Fattah, is a male jurist. A female jurist surely has the answer, and is only too keen to show she does in her practice. No matter how feminine, a male jurist may have to force his nature, be it slightly, to take Lombrosos’s theory seriously, and Lombroso himself had to force his, when he built it. On the other hand, it is inscribed in a woman’s genes : her legendary more or less well-hidden innate feeling of guilt greatly helps her feeling innocent. The innocent are by definition those who share her feelings. The guilty is by definition the one who embodies a higher law, a higher principle, and manifests, radiates it. For portraying women in his plays as mad, blood-thirsty and depraved, Euripides is tried by the women of Athens gathered at the thesmophoria, who intend to request the death penalty. Women, by their very nature, cannot render justice (ius), but are perfectly qualified to apply so-called natural law, and this is precisely why courtrooms have been feminised. The more the political circus has been stuffed with women, the more freedom of trade and financial flows without barriers, without any limitation, any restriction in the movement of goods, services and people, has become widespread, the more border control has loosened, the more what was left of the State has vanished. The feminisation of the public service has led to the de facto privatisation of the public service. « Parity » will only be achieved when 100 % of the jobs; in the third sector – are held by women. Women are key to globalisation. In fact, globalisation is just a fancy word for feminisation. Globalisation is an externalisation of woman’s nature, and, ultimately, of the materia prima, the « potentiality, absolutely ‘undistinguished’ and undifferentiated universal substance. », to quote R. Guénon. The expression « Mother Earth » is no longer the property of the (Yes)Wiccan(!) movement, it is found in an increasing high number of UN documents. « International Mother Earth Day » was established in 2009, Countless « Mother Earth Rights » conferences, forums, meetings, seminars, congresses are held each year. The U.N. Fourth Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 featured a full-size « reconstruction » of a supposed « ancient matriarchal village, » complete with a giant pair of female breasts, one above the other, to guard the entrance ( Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, and so-called « father of Global Education », whose « World Core Curriculum », progressively implemented by all educational institutions, through self-styled State Education Departments, is founded on the teachings of the Theosophist Alice Bailey and of her Tibetan teacher, was one of his worshippers. He collected a following. While acadhimmics are as ardent to deride clear testimonies of the existence of matriarchal societies in Antiquity as they are eager to push the stroller on week-ends, Amazonism; misnamed « Feminism » — has become self-congratulatory, and its arrogant victory sheer are increasingly echoed in mainstream media, either in a veiled manner ( Gynarchy Article.pdf), or, in the bosom of the Jewess Montaigu’s pamphlet called The Natural Superiority of Women (1999), openly (Melvin Konner, Women After All Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy WW Norton & Company, 2015, motherly reviewed at ;, reviewed at The renewed devotion to the parthenogenetic Virgin Mary (Jim Tetlow, Roger Oaklan et Brad Myers, « Queen of Rome, Queen of Islam: Queen of All », Eternal Productions, is accompanied by the intensification of the inter-faith dialogue, the religious aspect of the one world government agenda, under the caring oversight of the UN.

    The second part of ‘Isis’, still to be drafted, will deal with the presence of the goddess in western Europe since the days her worship was spread throughout this part of Europe, not only by soldiers of the then cosmopolitan Roman army, but also by eastern merchants and slaves, as well as with the enduring use of the attributes of the mother goddess, or even those peculiar to Isis, in the symbolic imagery of the French leadership, from the early days of Clovis to the present Republican period.

    (« The Virgin Goddess » by Stephen Benko, a book that was already mentioned here as most worthy of reading, is now available at ; see, in particular, chap. V : The Women Who Sacrificed to Mary, and note that these Kollyridians were very active in Thrace, whence the founders of the Eleusianian mysteries are supposed to originate)

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  • Worm Says:

    @ D.

    “why would you choose a bunch of modernists….”

    Yeah, modernity was the golden age of deconstructing reality into its simple elements, first impressionism, then abstraction…

    Then under the banner of abstraction, art moved paradoxically towards more reality…

    And with Duchamp’s act (with its automatic transference of the object) we saw the banality of art merge with the banality of the real world.

    Now, to make a long story short, about all that’s left is the self-obsessed artistic community.

    For contemporary art, the painter’s true subject is no longer what he paints but the very fact that he paints.

    He paints the fact that he paints.

    Oh well, at least in that way the idea of “art” remains kind of intact.


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  • Worm Says:

    Recalling a conversation in 1918, Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein) wrote:

    My next visit to Moscow took place after the (temporary) fall of Ekaterinburg (to anti-Communist forces). Speaking with Sverdlov, I asked in passing: “Oh yes, and where is the Tsar?”

    “Finished,” he replied. “He has been shot.”

    “And where is the family?”

    “The family along with him.”

    “All of them?,” I asked, apparently with a trace of surprise.

    “All of them,” replied Sverdlov. “What about it?” He was waiting to see my reaction. I made no reply.

    “And who made the decision?,” I asked.

    “We decided it here. Ilyich (Lenin) believed that we shouldn’t leave the Whites a live banner to rally around, especially under the present difficult circumstances.”

    I asked no further questions and considered the matter closed.”

    Yakov Sverdlov (Solomon) was both the Bolshevik party’s executive secretary and – as chairman of the Central Executive Committee – head of the Soviet government.

    From an April 1935 entry in “Trotsky’s Diary in Exile.”

    Also quoted in: Richard Pipes, The Russian Revolution (New York: Knopf, 1990), pp. 770, 787.; Robert K. Massie, Nicholas and Alexandra (New York: 1976), pp. 496-497.; E. Radzinksy, The Last Tsar (New York: Doubleday, 1992), pp. 325-326.; Ronald W. Clark, Lenin (New York: 1988), pp. 349-350.


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