Via Cussans (dark channels), comes this crucial document on the intersection of racial anthropology and international institutional politics. The abstract:

From 1945 and the following 20 years UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – was at the heart of a dispute in international scientific circles over the correct definition of the concept of race. This was essentially a dispute about whether the natural sciences or the social sciences should take precedence in determining the origins of human difference, of social division and of the attribution of value. The article provides an overview of the work on race carried out by UNESCO, examines the measures it took to combat racism, pays special attention to their political and social impact in various member states, and demonstrates how UNESCO played a major part in imposing a new view of man: UNESCO Man.

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  • Chris B Says:

    This is astonishing. They have drawn out exactly how they spread the lies, and actually seem proud of it!


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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    After only a brief skim of the 1st half of the paper, it is clear that this needs inclusion in the NRx counter-historical primer

    Unesco Man lays out how the progs wormed their way into the heart of UNESCO, and then used that as a platform to elevate the social science view of face and sideline to biological view of the physical anthropologists and evolutionary biologists.

    Of great interest to NRxers with an interest in Cathedral Studies or the alt-History of the 20th century.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    I have been dedicating many days a week at the largest library in the area doing all the cross-referencing and trying to absorb as much as I can. Where are the other group of people doing this as well?


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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    I tweeted about this all day, but I especially loved the conclusion: “We have WON (!!) … or have we (??) Some poor white cracker somewhere hates black people… so…. Eternal Vigilance!!!”


    Stirner (@heresiologist) Reply:

    It is like the ending of the movie Flash Gordon. Ming the Merciless is vanquished! ((Que eerie chord)) …..?????

    Glad to see you pushing the article on Twitter. It is really worthy of more attention.

    I don’t think the article is a leak at all, it strikes me more as a form of humble bragging about UNESCO’s efforts to vanquish “racism” in the global scientific and diplomatic community.


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  • a Says:

    On a related note, see also this recent book on how the Ford Foundation (one of Moldbug’s whipping boys) funded and basically created Black Nationalism and other radical 60s/70s movements: http://www.upenn.edu/pennpress/book/15142.html


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