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  • Villarrica | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Tim Says:

    In the never ending NRx soap opera, Rabite just declared himself the new leader of NRx:

    How long will this last?


    Mark Citadel Reply:

    Why the hell are people intent on turning the radical right into some kind of Game of Thrones LARPing session?


    ReactionaryFerret Reply:

    Because too many of us are too young for this.


    ReactionaryFerret Reply:

    Um…is he even NRx?


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    Not even close. Someone is going to have to answer for this, though.


    Erebus Reply:

    Weev is clearly just making fun of the whole “leader of NRx” thing. This is, of course, just another jab at Anissimov. Nobody has anything to answer for, as it’s simply a joke — and a fairly light-hearted one at that.

    forkinhell Reply:

    I humbly suggest people distinguish between de jure and de facto power and let this run as long as it amusingly has to. As my mother used to say (following any ridiculous claim I might have made): ‘And I’m the Queen of Sheeba’.


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  • Villarrica | Reaction Times Says:

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  • Krisis Says:

    First Pinochet, then this. Chile seems to be made of the right stuff.


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