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The demented evil of this is pretty funny:

My positive spin on Suey Park is that she’s almost unique in her role as an agent of racial desensitization. The only way you don’t lose to move like this is by toughening up fast.

ADDED: So what is this joke saying? Be aware, you will be socially punished for noticing reality. It’s pure Sailer (but dramatized for laughs). With enemies like this, I’m guessing we can close down the propaganda unit.

ADDED: Further down the rabbit hole … (via @CBLangille)

ADDED: Some (vaguely) related intersectionalist comedy.

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  • Joël Cuerrier Says:

    They do all look the same, especially on the beach on a sunny day.

    Black people also all look the same, especially in the city in the middle of the night.

    White people also all look the same, especially in the suburbs in the middle of winter.


    Queen of The Wilis Reply:



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  • Wacky Races | Reaction Times Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • VXXC Says:

    I agree until we learn to mock them and say fuck off, get tough minded these pathetic fucking scams will work.

    Why do the Asians become Commissars within the first generation? Because that’s what’s expected of them? Over-achieving the Cathedral? Slaves who’ve become the Master Suddenly and go insane? 12 years A Public Educated Empowered Ass?

    Really there’s never been anything like this, no immigrant group had or has this attitude. If you look at the screamers in college they’re Asian. For the Blacks for instance grievance is a business, it’s a business for most minorities. Not the Asians. Right out of Mao’s Red Guards, the Indians too. Anil Dash. Phraumph.

    It’s enough to make me racist. I make an exception.


    admin Reply:

    “Why do the Asians become Commissars within the first generation?” — because they can.


    Athrelon Reply:

    ““Why do the Asians become Commissars within the first generation?””

    Because on the margin, white people reward them for doing so.


    Aaron Reply:

    They’re just conforming to the dominant culture. Fill academia to the brim with progressivism and will end up with stridently progressive Asians.


    Konkvistador Reply:

    admin, Athrelon, Aaron are all correct, but I’ll add another observation:

    It is a source that lets them out-compete vanilla whites in local contexts.
    Jews basically used to fill this niche, yet now seem to be outcompeted in it by South and East Asians.


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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.


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  • Jake Says:

    Here’s another fascinating example/angle to this phenomena—the guy has become a darling of the progressives. If anyone ever needed convincing that a major objective is re-colonization, his endless gloating should do it for them:



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  • survivingbabel Says:

    “The only way you don’t lose to move like this is by toughening up fast.”

    Moves like this have a way of provoking a certain toughening. As long as there appears a way to win, most whites will continue towing the party line and accepting minor degradations. Once it becomes startlingly apparent that there’s no way to win under the current paradigm, you force the issue.

    Oh, and the proper response to that nonsense would be “pleasure to meet you, Ms. Park.” That works whether or not you were right.


    VXXC Reply:

    All correct except the polite part.

    NO. NO. NO.

    That is what has undone us.

    The first step in our slavery was being polite when there was an absolute duty to be rude.

    Our downfall is decency and civility.

    Correct verbal response is: “study geography. You are 10,000 miles from where you get to be the asshole.” We may begin with this modest step.

    Yes the people need leadership, no snark doesn’t get us home. And no the void does not fill itself.

    Men who fight survive, those who go down fighting live on through their kin, family, tradition. Those who stop fighting cease to exist.

    Finally in terms of survival the undead across the river are white intellectuals as matters stand today.

    The void fills itself with the corpses of the weak.


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  • Izak Says:

    I love this chick!

    For a while now, a bunch of the alt-right/neoreaction/whatever guys have considered making up fake leftist personas in order to make leftism look dumb. Why bother? Who needs to do zany Boyd Rice-esque pranks when these people do it to themselves? On the other hand, I’ve noticed that austere, righteously angry, charismatic and rabble-rousing leadership is lacking — there’s a void that can stand to be filled.


    E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Reply:

    Yep. My impression is that the zombie horde in reality is not super-effective because it can’t tell the difference between living and merely moving; folks like Park are hungry for a fight, and if we aren’t necessary to get them fighting we shouldn’t fight. It’s a 36-strategem maxim, “Let the fires burn across the river.”

    “We came to the desolated country, where the infection had been worst. We did not find, as some had prognosticated or imagined, a horde of the undead looking for living flesh, but a waste, for those who could not find living flesh ate their brethren, and those who could not find brethren, ate themselves.”


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    “Anne Gus

    I’m a feminist. I’m a woman. I’m strong. I’m in my twenties. I’m beautiful. I deserve love. Give me it.”

    Biodiesel is the future.


    E.Antony Gray (RiverC) Reply:

    Ain’t no beef like Anne Gus beef


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  • Jake Says:

    More related fodder for NRxionary deconstructionists. Check out the comment section:



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